At Bramhall Physio we treat numerous conditions including:-

  • Neck and Back Pain – sciatica, disc prolapse, whiplash, postural problems
  • Shoulder – Rotator Cuff injuries, Dislocations and instability, Impingement problems, frozen shoulder and post operative rehabilitation
  • Arthritic pain
  • Hip Pain – bursitis, OA, Labral tears, Post operative after fall or replacement joint, ‘snapping hip’
  • Sports Injuries and soft tissue injuries
  • Post operative rehabilitation – total hip and knee replacements
  • Knee pain – cruciate ligament, cartilage and ligament injury,
  • Ankle pain – Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles problems, sprained lateral ligament, Shin Splints
  • Gait/running analyisis – with access to full biomechanical assessment and orthotics
  • Ergonomic workplace assessment
  • Core stability – pre and post natal advice 
  • ​Pilates - our physios do 1-2-1 Pilates sessions

Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice.

They maintain health for people of all ages, helping patients to manage pain and prevent disease.

The profession helps to encourage development and facilitate recovery, enabling people to stay in work while helping them to remain independent.

Bramhall Physio
Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic
26 Nevill Road, Bramhall, Cheshire SK7 3ET

Telephone: +44 (0)161 439 0569